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Welcome to Elaura!
Unique Electroluminescent (EL) Concert Sticks
I have been making staffs (EL-Sticks) and other art from electroluminescent (EL) wire since 2007.  I believe that I sell a unique product at a reasonable price and have an excellent warranty on my products.

My EL-Sticks (tm) are made from a variety of woods including alder, maple, cedar, pine, fir and even elderberry and manzanita!  They weigh about 2 lbs each and vary in height from about 5'4" to 5'10". 
The EL wire is laid into channels carved in the wood and provides a uniform glow along the length of the wire.  I'm limited to about 40-45' of wire in each EL-Stick.  Some sticks may have less, but I try to maximize the amount of wire.
All of my staffs have a sound-sensitive setting and are designed to to pulse in sync with music, making them ideal for evening and night-time concerts.
The staffs use a 9V battery to power the inverter that runs the EL wire.  Alkaline batteries typically last  2 (on steady) to 4 hours (Music(sound-sensitive) setting).  Other 9V battery types such as rechargable lithium batteries may last more than twice the time of an alkaline battery.
I'm happy to do custom orders.  Custom EL-Sticks (excluding Wizards' Staffs) are the same price range as pre-made ones, but may take 1 to 2 months to deliver.

To see a video of EL-Sticks in action, use this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTm7GjUaVb0&feature=youtu.be

Note that we provide a cloth cover for the electronics.
Please click on the pictures below to see more detail and pricing

Jamaican Flag motif (SOLD)
Green & Gold with Red striping on Black, Green and Gold background
Ziggy (SOLD)
Light blue and yellow zig-zags (note blue appears white when not on)
Wandering Home (SOLD)
Red, yellow & green in a wandering pattern
Ring Bearer (SOLD)
Red, yellow and green rings with stripes
Linked (SOLD)
Red, yellow and green in a vertical meshed pattern

Good Vibrations (SOLD)
Red, yellow and green in 3 'pulses'

Click here for more examples

I have a lot of fun creating my staffs and other pieces of art, and hope that you'll find something on this site that you like; call or email and let me know what you're looking for.
If you see a design you like on a stick that's been sold, I can make a similar design in most cases (Wizard's Staffs excepted)
I'm looking forward to doing business with you.